About us


Become a reputable brand in the field of health care with specialized nutritional products and functional foods to support treatment serving a variety of different customer groups.

Offering products of high quality, efficiency and reasonable price.


Caring for and protecting public health with the best quality nutritional products, most suitable for consumers.

Always listen and understand the needs and opinions of each customer and each customer is a brick that builds the company's value.

Promote research and application of modern science and technology to improve product quality. Add more specialized nutritional products suitable for different customer groups.

Build and develop Vietnamese brand products of international quality at the most suitable prices to consumers.

Core values

Social responsibility is a commitment that we strive and proudly undertake for the benefit of the health of the community. Understanding acts as a guiding principle for all research and development activities. MediBest believes that deeply understanding the community is the foundation for the company's success. MediBest measures success by consumer satisfaction.


Core values


Focus on customers


Creativity and innovation

Performance and efficiency

Focus on customers

Commitment to quality


MediBest Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was established in 2014, formerly known as HiKid Pharmaceutical Company Limited. With the desire to bring good living values with the best products, MediBest always aims to protect and care for public health with the principle: FOR HEALTHY LIFE EVERY DAY.

After many years of construction and development, from a small and medium-sized factory to now, the Company has a large factory with modern production lines and technology according to ISO, HACCP and GMP standards.

Caring and caring "For a healthy life every day" is MediBest's motto. We understand that, if we want to improve comprehensive nutrition for Vietnamese people, we must research not only one stage but also take care of nutrition throughout the entire life cycle. Therefore, MediBest has collaborated with leading medical experts to research and offer the best quality and most suitable products.

Not only does MediBest conduct scientific research, it also expands production scale and invests in technological innovation. With a modern production line equipment system to ensure product quality, a closed production process from selecting and checking input materials until reaching the market, all products are strictly controlled to ensure quality. best quality. Currently, MediBest is applying ISO 22000: 2018, HACCP, GMP systems to production. This is the leading standard for assessing food safety and hygiene levels today.

Along with technological innovation and scientific research, MediBest also invests and researches raw material sources. The world's leading reputable suppliers from countries such as France, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand... are all trusted partners of MediBest.


MediBest understands that a successful business is not only strong in business efficiency but also strong in the values that the business brings to the social community.

Therefore, MediBest has been actively participating in supporting the community with practical activities such as: Giving scholarships to poor children, building schools in border highlands, supporting people affected by natural disasters, areas affected by COVID-19, patients in difficult circumstances at hospitals such as Bach Mai, Pediatrics Central, Viet Duc, Thanh Nhan, K hospital... Medibest's charity bus is still continuing its journey to bring Quality nutritional products reach disadvantaged groups in society.

The MediBest brand is widely positioned and rooted in the hearts of consumers and is known as a strong and reputable brand in the health care field. MediBest is making efforts to innovate, to expand its reach, to bring products to market not only in Vietnam but also to the international market, with outstanding nutritional quality and consumer understanding.


With continuous efforts in scientific research, MediBest is now the leading unit in specialized nutrition, with many specialized nutritional solutions for all ages, health conditions and diseases.

MediBest's diverse nutritional product portfolio includes: powdered milk for children, powdered milk for adults, specialized nutritional milk, liquid milk, and weaning powder. Functional foods and health protection foods include: prepared in tablet form, granular form, liquid form...

Clinical research activities are also promoted by MediBest. Medibest has collaborated with the National Institute of Nutrition to research nutritional products suitable for diabetics, people with kidney failure, people after surgery and convalescence. This is also a highlight in Medibest's journey to pursue the dream of "For a healthy life every day".

With reputable and quality products, suitable for Vietnamese people's physical condition and each medical condition, MediBest has been a trusted partner of medical facilities across the country such as: National Institute of Nutrition, Tu Du Institute Hospital, National Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital 1, National Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital...


ASEAN BRANS AWARD 2020 Strong Brand Award

ASEAN BRANS AWARD 2020 Strong Brand Award

ASEAN BRANS AWARD 2020 Strong Brand Award

Outstanding Quality Outstanding Brand Award 2017

Top 50 Brands Award - Famous Brands Asia - Pacific 2022

Top 50 Strong National Brands Award 2019

Excellent Business Award 2019